Monday, August 4, 2008


One day one of my male clients was sitting in my chair, and as I was doing my consultation I realised his hair was straighter than usual. So I asked, "did you relax your hair?" And he said, "No, I Fabulaxed it." My response was, "Fabu who?" So he gave me the story about how he and his ex-best friend were having martinis and relaxing each others' hair with Fabulaxer. His hair actually looked great, so I went to the pharmacy to find Mizz Fabulaxer and I did. Not only was it cheap, it was nicely packaged and seemed to do a great job dealing with his summer frizz. It may work for you as well as it works for my client, but my advice is not to try this at home -- leave it to the professionals! My client has the advantage of having short hair and getting regular salon hair cuts. If you still want to give it a try, just remember, as with any relaxer please read the instructions and be careful not to over-process. So, goodbye, good luck, and stay Fabu-lous.

Honey, this deserves an AFG stamp of approval!

© 2008 Antonio Gonzales


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