Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Feeling “not so fresh” the day after your blow dry? Oily scalp getting you down? Is being limp irritating you? We all have those days, don’t we?

Hair stylists such as myself have told you that hair powders are the answer. They help save your three-day blowout by lifting oils from the scalp. They help give body to ladies with fine hair and they can even blend your color if unwanted grays have grown in.

Well, would you like to know what the main differences between the best hair powders on the market are? I would. That’s why I’m here darlings; to put hair products to the test for you and only you.

After trying many different hair powders while performing salon services and freelance , I’ve narrowed it down to 2 with results that will benefit you.

The first is by Bumble and bumble. I’m a huge fan of this line and have used their products for years. I’ve written about them, talked on the radio about them and used them during my photo shoots. Their powders come in 5 different colors in aerosol cans. I’ve been using them for quite some time and my clients approve.

The second is new to me and is by Orlando Pita in the T3 line. It contains three colors and claims to produce comparable results. Over a period of time I have used them both and am prepared to share my thoughts with you now.

First, I took two pieces of white paper and sprayed them with a can of hair powder from each line.

Bumble and bumble

This product adhered to the paper nicely, but no matter how much I sprayed it never accumulated to be as powder-like . When I ran my finger across the paper, it barely moved from the paper.


After a few minutes of spraying this product, it quickly dried and turned into a powder. When I say “powder”, I mean it was as if though I was almost touching loose powder. I could actually rub my fingers together and it would crumble.

I then tried them on clients…

Bumble and bumble

Their blondish was dark on white paper and on the client’s roots I found that it was not versatile enough for different shades of blond. The red was great, the black was black and I did like the brown.


The colors are true to their names. Their light blond is exactly that; on white paper it was a pretty shade and covered it well. Because of its consistency, I was able to spray a little for a lighter blond and more for a deeper blond. The auburn is a true auburn. The coverage was flawless, especially on the re-growth of gray hair. You can actually save money on your single process by applying this on your gray roots. This will allow you to stay away from the salon longer.

The true test here is application. These have to be easy enough for the client to use, which is my main concern. Clearly T3 was the easiest because of its consistency. Ultimately, it’s a hair powder and it should feel like powder no matter what.

Here are two tips on using both Hair powders.


Shake the can well. Lift the root area and lightly apply hair powder. Work section by section and apply more if needed. If you feel that there is too much in one section, use your blow dryer to remove excess product.


Try spraying the powder on a sponge tip applicator or makeup brush and apply to the gray hair while trying to avoid the scalp. It will eventually get on the scalp on its own which is fine.

Please try both powders and see which is best for you.



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