Saturday, February 16, 2008

AFG's Guide to NYC: ARTSEE

As you many not know, I love to collect eyewear. Out of my 14 or so pairs of glasses. Only one of them is acutally has a perscription. The rest are fabulous accessories. I feel eyeware can really make a statement and is a great accessory for men. Being that men have so few acessories, it is one way to express yourself. So, take a good look at Artsee!

"This is why contact lenses will never render glasses obsolete.
Artsee, a rarefied optical boutique, showcases museum-caliber eyewear.
The black and white decor makes a suitably sleek backdrop for the
avant-garde glasses-new and old frames, plus a line that combines
past and present parts to produce exquisite hybrids."

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