Friday, February 29, 2008


Living with cancer sounds challenging, doesn't it? It is. Life changes
when you are diagnosed. All of a sudden everything we do has to be planned
around treatments and so on. We become patients and we are no longer
just people. For a period of time. Then treatment is over. What then?
We are faced with a new challenge. What will I do from here on about

The first issue that I always talk about is sugar. Many have heard
"sugar feeds cancer cells", but few understand what that really means
and tend to be confused about how to then have sweetness as part of
the daily nourishment.

Yes, sugar is a culprit. Simple because it kills the natural survivial
and killer instict of our healthy cells in such a way that cancer
can indeed grow. When we eat refined sugar, we not only deplete our
immune system with every bite, we also cause our cells to feed off the
wrong "information". Food is information to our entire cell system.

So we need to choose a food plan that is low in glycemic index. That
means we need food that is rich in fiber and not processed. We need
food that is whole and cooked fresh. Not cooked in a factory and
packaged to be left on a shelf for who knows how long.

Food is the closest we have to being mothered. All illness is
considered a message to us about food and lifestyle choices that do
not work. Especially when breast cancer is involved there is message
of needing mothering. Did that surprise you? If you have been
diagnosed with breast cancer you might already have made that
connection. Most of my breast cancer clients have, but don't know what
to do with it. For a starters, cook. The most mothering we can do for
ourselves is to take really, really good care of ourselves. Show yourself
lots of love and cooking your own food is a wonderful step to take.

Jeanette Bronee, HHC

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