Saturday, February 16, 2008


So, you have found a hairstylist other than your own, and it's a bit nerve racking for both parties. First of all, you have never had your hair done by this person before and you have to hopefully leave your big day up to this person hoping that he/she is talented,consistant and patient . Then let's think about the poor stylist for a second...They have to be quick enough to read between the lines, listen, deliver and complete their work in 1 hour ( most of us book hourly ). Is this possible ? Yes it is! I like marking some extra time off in my schedule to allow for a long verbal consultation.

I personally prefer to only do weddings if I can do a trial. It's too important of a day to take chances. I have met some brides that have done uo to 3 trials, and yes they paid for them all! I do make exceptions :) I have done brides that I have worked with before and wanted nothing more than a blowdry for the day of their wedding.

Has every bride that I have done a trial for booked me to do their hair on their wedding day ? Not all, but I do have a flare for wedding hair. So, I do get most of the jobs. If during the trial you are not happy, you have to say something to your stylist. You are a huge component to the success or failure of your trial! Sometimes it takes a little playing around before the stylist gets it right. A confident stylist will hand you a mirror and keep you involved and an insecure stylist will have you sitting there catching flies ... then at the very end say ,"voila!" As if too much confidence is a bad thing in the hair world . Beware for the stylist with the bunch of grapes synmrome ( tiny curls on top of the head ).

"This day is the day I have been dreaming of since I was a girl! " I often hear this from many of my clients. For some women, on the other hand, it's just not that big of a deal. There is no wrong or right.
This brings me to the question, "Who are you on your wedding day, and what style or period do you wish to capture with your hair?"

A) You a little done up but still modern and fresh
B) A more organic feel
C) Totally classic
D) Glamour puss
E) Bigger the hair, the closer to God
F) Bunch of grapes (somthing for everyone )

To be continued


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