Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today I saw one of my clients who lives out of town. I have been cutting her hair for more than a year now and she has always kept it long (bra strap long). She is a pretty Asian girl with very healthy hair that has a light natural flip. She is about 5 feet tall and has a long gorgeous neck. Today she really wanted a change and was contemplating going short, not chin length short, but short with long layers.


As a stylist it is important to consult with your client on how to be creative without being too ambitious and leaving unnecessary room for regrets. The first thing that was clear to me in this case was her beautiful hair, long sexy neck and small frame. It was also important to keep in mind that she does not want her hair to be super short. I decided to not cut her hair in the middle of the neck. Why? With a small frame and a long neck, if I were to cut that glossy slightly wavy hair in the middle of the neck she may end up looking like one of those toy Chihuahua that sits on the dashboard of a car with the bouncy necks.

So instead we kept it gently touching the collar bone. I cut long layers and focused on creating texture by gently razoring her hair. I also created a long fringe then I removed bulk to allow for more movement. The idea was to make the length flattering and focus on creating a visibly different texture to the hair that can still be managed by the client when blow drying.

Ladies, when working with your stylist to create your look, please talk about the things you like about your face before they begin. This conversation can help shape the direction your hair should be styled and serve as the guidelines for a great hair cut.


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