Monday, October 6, 2008


This is the question I am asking all my clients now. We know that their are color trends to follow, but what are you feeling personally? Be it low lights, darker shades of blond or back to natural, we all feel the need to change with the season. And why is this? Well most fair skinned men and women feel that because of the loss of their summer tan that lighter hair color washes them out. With my clients I don't necessary follow this rule; it can be broken if you really want to personalize your color. When asked to recommend a color, I like looking at the hair from the back first, then the sides and the front last. I am able to get a complete view of my canvas this way. The head is round, so when we look in the mirror we only see a small piece of the whole picture. Keep this in mind as you are brainstorming about your color transition. This a great time to apply some different shades of low lights. Consider having richer tones in the back then gradually place some deeper blond pieces through the front. It may mean adding more low lights to the back on your next visit and a few in the front. Keep in mind that low lights do not have to be dark brown, they can be rich blond with tones like medium golden blond and cognac. Please, not so dark that it looks fake or as if you are training in beauty school and finally discovering hair color! Believe me, I remember those days. Keeping richness to the back of the head allows the contrast of the depth in color to bring the focus to the top of the head with that lovely sparkle.

I haven't forgotten about my brunettes! If you are a brunette it's a great idea to foil or paint in a darker color rather than color the entire head. This gives dimension and still leaves you with that fresh feel. Also try to experiment with shades of brown, so if you are a dark brown and have faded after the summer, why not put some low lights in a warm dark brown? And please DO NOT be afraid of warmth!! I have converted many women that were afraid of warmth. It does not have to be that WARM equals RED.

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