Monday, October 6, 2008


Creating the look for the right occasion is very important. It depends on the event, venue, your hair type, and your dress to decide on how you want to wear your hair. My model’s hair is relaxed so I choose to use a semi-permanent color. I used 3N by Wella Color Touch with 1.9 % peroxide for 15 minutes without heat. Then we rinsed, towel dried and used a clear Cellophane treatment by Sebastian to add as much shine as possible. We followed by setting the hair with a curling iron and added a gorgeous vintage hair comb created by Eva Scrivo salon. Ladies and gentlemen here is my finished look.

Copyright © 2008 Antonio Gonzales, All Rights Reserved

Copyright © 2008 Antonio Gonzales, All Rights Reserved

Why are up sweeps so difficult for some hair dressers? . Its a matter of choice and training. In beauty school there is the panic that goes into the work around putting hair up. By the time you become a hair stylist you have so many things to learn that up sweeps get swept aside. I have always loved putting hair up and still do. When I went to school, we had women coming from all over the San Fernando Valley who had been clients of the school for decades. If you didn’t know how to put hair up, honey, there was a price to pay (I’ve seen students running from bands of older women like a scene out of Dawn of the Dead).
Copyright © 2008 Antonio Gonzales, All Rights Reserved

Makeup by Frank Kammerer - Eva


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