Thursday, October 9, 2008


Can a plus size woman wear the same hair style of a smaller woman? Where can you find a magazine with hair styles for plus size women?

I was asked these two questions by one of my callers on a recent radio show and thought I should share it. . Not only are both great questions, they got me thinking and really paying attention to my surroundings and what is available for plus size women. As I thumb through magazines, I could not find any plus size models period. Some of the women were actually too skinny that it took away from the hair style, but that's a whole other topic.

As with any haircut, the hair stylist must take into consideration the shape of the client's face and shoulders as well as the length of their neck. When I see a hair cut I think is not appropriate, it is not because the person wearing it is wrong, it is because the cut is working against the shape of the face, the person's height or proportions. So when styling the hair of a plus size woman, there are not "special" haircuts, but a style that is suitable with softness where needed and strength in the right areas of the face.


To begin start looking at haircuts you like on a person who has a face shaped similar to your own. When you find that look in a magazine or online, cut out the picture or download the image and print it out. Take the photo of the new look to your stylist on your next visit. While sitting in your stylist's chair, discuss the image with your stylist before he begins your cut. Explain why you like the cut. Ensure there are similarities in the shape of the face and shoulders with your own features and be sure there is agreement that the haircut will look equally as good on you as in the picture. Finally, be prepared for any reasons why the look might not work as well for you as in the image.


Not all women with round faces have short necks. This is why it is important to understand that your cut will need to be personalized to suit your face, neck and shoulders. For women with shorter necks who are afraid to go short, I recommend longer bobs with soft layers around the face. Another tip is keeping the bob length A-line, so the back is shorter and the front is longer. This allows for movement and showing off more of the neck area. I don't recommend anything as dramatic as Posh what's her name. I prefer a lovely soft angle. If you like to sport a ponytail, it will be a bit shorter, but which is more important, a flattering hair cut that frames the face or a ponytail that may highlight heavier cheeks.


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