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Making your own hair treatment.

This is a very interesting topic. I never realized that so many people are open to the idea of making their own hair remedies from scratch. After working with so many hair products over the years, I took it for granted and depended on product manufactures to guide me and provide me with hair care tools. Now it is time for me to get in on the action of HHCR (home hair care remedies).


I have researched many ingredients, mixing oils, fruits and even some ingredients from my native land (mosquitoes). I also tried a few home-made recipes that are being advertised. Some were good, some even great but many were just a plain old bad idea. Consequently, you should be careful before you use any remedy on your hair. This was the one that worked the best. I know because I tried it on my self and other friends. In case you were wondering, it was not tested on any animals.

FOR VIRGIN HAIR (for color treated hair remove Lemon)

The Ingredients-

VERY RIPE AVOCADO; Apart from making a mean Guacamole its has been known for its moisturizing oils.

VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: Is used all over the world in many home hair care recipes for soothing the cuticle.

ORGANIC EGG WHITE: Great source of protein

FRESH MINT: Great in preventing static on conditioned hair.

FRESH LEMON; A natural hair brightener

First whisk one egg white, half an ounce of lemon juice and half an ounce olive oil in a bowl. Then crush five mint leaves and an Avocado. Combine all ingredients and whisk for five minutes. I recommend shampooing with Green Tea Clarifying Shampoo by Aubrey Organics. Start by applying your treatment to clean partially towel dried hair, or as an intense treatment you can use the treatment on clean dry hair. Leave in your hair for five minutes and then rinse well. If you have stressed thirsty hair leave in for ten minutes and then rinse well. After rinsing, use the same
shampoo, but a lot less this time. Don't worry about the shampoo stripping the treatment. This treatment is so rich you will need to shampoo afterwards, trust me. When you are done, you would be amazed at how your hair will feel and the softness and shine will last for days!!

Look forward to more HHCR by hairbyantonio
Copyright © 2008 Antonio Gonzales, All Rights Reserved


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