Sunday, January 11, 2009


Ever since I started quest writing for Antonio’s blog, I have been keeping my eyes open for new health and beauty products to try and report back to you. One could argue I hardly needed another excuse to try new beauty products. Recently, I was attending New York Magazine’s New York Shop event and found two new lines of products I though many readers would like to explore. The first product line is called Basq which is especially formulated for women during and post pregnancy. Now I know what you are thinking, why am I trying a product line for pregnant women? Aside from research for Antonio’s blog, I was very impressed by several of the products offered. The first product which I am now hooked on is their Energizing Body lotion, which is great for relieving sore muscles after workouts. I have been using this body lotion mostly at the gym but it is great for everyday use as well. One application and you can feel your skin tingle with a warming sensation that soothes tired and aching muscles.

I am also a fan of their Citrus Sugar Body Polish. The granules in this body scrub are not as harsh as other body scrubs so I can use it more often.

I found the Basq Rebalancing Face Cleanser gentler than most facial scrubs I have used so I can also use this product more often. I thought the facial scrub and body scrub would be ideal for most women whose skin is more delicate than mine and might not like the harsh granules in many scrubs.

I also purchased the Basq Soothing Spa Socks for my boyfriend. When buying new products, you should always get one for your spouse so they can not complain about the lack of room in your medicine cabinet. Basq also makes Soothing Spa Gloves. The socks and gloves are worn for twenty minutes and provide nourishing moisturizers and antioxidants, leaving your feet and hands hydrated and feeling much softer. To find out more about Basq’s complete line of products or to place an order, visit

I also tried the Turmeric Antioxidant Facial Mask by Juara. This unique mask is wonderful as it detoxifies, brightens and strengthens the skin. I loved the way it helped to clean out my pores and at the same time diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Once or twice a week after cleaning your face, apply a thin layer of the facial mask and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes. Remove the mask in the shower with a wash cloth. The effects are brighter, healthier skin with smaller pores and reduced wrinkles. Juara’s product line combines the ancient tradition of Indonesian beauty rituals with modern science to restore and enhance your skin. Their products are 100 percent vegetarian and free of artificial colorants. To learn more about Juara complete line of products or to place an order, visit

While there were several other products by Juara I was interest in trying, my boyfriend arrived at the booth and reminded me that we have NO more room in our bathroom for any additional beauty products. I guess the Soothing Spa Socks only go so far.



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