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Hi Antonio,

Looking for information on the Internet, I came across your blog which I find very interesting and helpful. I decided to write you asking for some recommendations on hair color. I hope this will not take too much of your time and want to thank you in advance for reading this message.


I have a lot of grey hair and I wear a color mix of light blond and mid blond. My original hair color is dark brown. I would like to change to a natural hair color like Elumen from Goldwell but I heard it doesn’t cover grey hair.


After my research I found the same to be true. My guess is if you use this product the coverage will not be adequate and you will end up with more of an uneven stained effect in the root area. When it comes to covering grey hair and wanting to avoid permanent color in the area of the roots there are products on the market that can help but it all depends on the amount of grey hair and how coarse your hair is.


I would be ready to change to a mid blond or light brown but without reddish tones on the roots. Do you think Elumen enable me to achieve this result?


I feel your pain when it comes to avoiding red tones in your base/root color when covering grey hair. No the Elumen will not work. On my clients with dark roots with some grays I approach it in several ways. One way is to use Goldwell 10A with a squirt of Pmix and 10 volume for 10 minutes. I then rinse the product out, dry the hair and highlight with lightener. If needed, I also place low lights in with an ammonia free color and end with a glaze (Colorance by Golldwell) of my choice.


Perhaps with Elumen the grey hairs would look like some highlights?




Also I heard that I should try combining Topchic on the roots and Elumen on the length. Would this work? The stylists here do not use these brands so I cannot ask them for for their opinion. Could you please give me some tips on the color mix?


Can you find out which color they use for permanent color and demi-permanent color? I would recommend getting this info from about two salons and then I can help you formulate the exact colors you want.

Thank you

Kind regards from Spain (Barcelona)

I look forward to getting the questions answered so I can help some more.


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