Saturday, January 29, 2011


South Beach...Aqui Vengo

Before I share the details of a new and exciting chapter of my personal life with you, I want to thank some very special people in my professional life here in New York.

Working with legendary hairdresser Orlando Pita,

the famed and fabulous Joe Martino,

and the very inspirational George Casson, has been transcendent. I will forever be grateful to them for opening my eyes to a new vision in the world of hair, for furthering my training in details and techniques I didn't even know existed, until this experience.

A simple "Thank you" simply falls short when I think about how generous and loving they've been with their the time, patience and limitless skill. Assisting Orlando during two seasons of Mercedez Benz Fashion Week were easily the most challenging times in my career and I loved every minute of it!!

Orlando, you will always remain an amazing personal and professional inspiration and I look forward to following your continued powerful impact in our industry.

(deep breath)

My clients know how important it is for me to consistently work towards bettering my skill and broadening my scope in an industry that I love so much. It is this passion that I am following as I move to Miami Beach, Florida and dare to take on hair where humidity, heat and the sun might be a challenge for some...but for me, It will be a labor of love. I am much more at home in the tropics being from Trinidad & Tobago!

South Beach is where you will find me now, passionate about my clients and making new friends while always cherishing those I won't be able to see as often. I remain forever grateful and proud of my time as a member of team Orlo. Now you all have an excuse to visit to South Beach...come play with me!

Antonio Gonzales


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