Monday, January 3, 2011


When it came to shopping, I was an avid "emotional shopper," always hoping the buzz of acquisition would make me feel better. It always did—for a second—but never much longer. Little did I know that the ripe age of 39, I would discover that happiness is an inside job. Why the hell didn't I get this memo before?

Now a shopping experience means that I'm buying an item (or service) after careful consideration, usually something that I've found to be original with quality and creativity. After not buying jewelry for many years, I began a careful, conscientious search for a simple piece that can almost disappear around my neck... a piece devoid of bling but having an artistic quality.

After seeing Gabriel J Shuldiner's last collection I became very excited, because it was exactly along the lines of what i wanted and I found it to be quite affordable. As I looked through the rest of his collection, I realized I was buying a piece of jewelry that was a small part of an incredibly creative collection. Here are more pieces from my very talented friend Gabriel.


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