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Personal Training at its Peak!

Growing up in the tropics, I was always a very skinny kid. I thought that being thin was a curse. Through my teenage years it just seemed as though everyone else was gaining weight but me. While residing in Los Angeles in my late twenties, I started going to the gym despite the fear of being killed by a barbell. I was persistent, hoping to achieve results.

Upon relocating to New York City, I sought the assistance and expertise of personal trainer’s employed by some of Manhattan’s leading gyms. I had even explored the possibility of personal training at home. Instantly, I started seeing results and loved every minute of it regardless of how much I despised lifting weights (especially alone).

Over the years I’ve been to some of the least expensive gyms and some of the more luxurious. Some trainers were exceptional while others were just getting by (even at the fancy gyms in Chelsea). After seven different trainers, I reached a point where I was quite comfortable with my body and the way I felt; I figured my physique could not possibly get any better.

And then I met David Cole.

Someone recommended David to me and also suggested I tour Peak Gym. Being one to try anything new once, I decided to give it a shot. From the onset, I noticed something very different about David’s techniques aside from the fact he had nothing to prove. I’ve had trainers who proceed with routines as though I was preparing for a triathlon. I’d be all over the gym like a chicken without a head.

David was very focused on me and refrained from small talk with his colleagues and/or other clients (which I’d experienced first-hand at other gyms). It was as if I was the only person in the entire gym. He carefully assessed my body and explained that he is a “personal trainer” and that I would receive “personal training”. He mentioned that it would take time for him to familiarize himself with my capabilities.

With each exercise, he blew my mind away with his knowledge, consistency and ability to teach and most importantly, listen. I started seeing the change in my body; muscles I had never seen before started to appear from head to toe. Literally. David had somehow managed to push my body while remaining cognizant of how far he could go.

Here’s more on David Cole.

A : When people are working out alone, what is the biggest mistake they make?
D : They don’t plan. Start with the basics; three sets of three exercises will keep you from doing your favorite body part to death, which creates asymmetries and could injure you.

A : What is the first thing someone should do when looking for the right trainer?
D : If you have the opportunity to do so, watch them work. Make sure their attention is on their client(s) and not their cell phone.

A : Why did you choose Peak Gym (which I love)?
D : I was actually invited. However, I’ve stayed because the management takes such pride in the establishment. It’s more than just a gym.

A : I can’t seem to count how many different muscles I’ve discovered on my body since training with you. You mentioned having researched various body types and several techniques (i.e. Bruce Lee, Arnold Schwarzenegger). Tell me more.
D : I’ve learned a lot about how what works for one individual doesn’t necessarily work for another. A lot of trainers haven’t caught on and just have their clients do what they’ve done. This is not always productive. I do like to show people everything I can. However, I try to teach people how to learn what works for them. This includes the difference between the burn, the pump, fatigue and failure.

A : You have a knack for “serious boundaries”. Was that part of your school training?
D : It has to do with reading people. I’m an open book, but I would never discuss something that would distract a client or bring negative energy. The other day I told you about a fight I had with my wife. I knew you would laugh, but I wouldn’t tell the same story to many of my female clients because their initial reaction would have been “oh no!” We don’t want that in the gym.

A : I have always seemed to get my way with trainers (not doing legs). You were different.
D : When a client doesn’t want to do legs, it’s often an easy out for trainers. There’s a lot to watch and a lot of responsibility when you load someone with the weight required for a great leg workout. If your trainer is okay with you not doing legs, then ultimately he is not doing his job.

A : How many times a week do you workout?
D : I’ll workout at least five times a week, even if it’s for ten minutes. It’s not quantity, it’s quality!

A : How should you divorce your trainer?
D : With notice! Remember, you’re somebody’s paycheck. All the private trainers I know get paid in advance. Whether you pay $50.00 for training or $150.00, that could be someone’s rent. That being said, simply say “I can’t justify the expense”. This is something everyone can relate to. We all know the 50-inch TV is better than the 42-inch TV, but is it worth the price? I think this is both polite and it doesn’t diminish the value of the service.

I can safely recommend David Cole to anyone and know that they will get their money’s worth.

Thank you David for restoring my faith in your profession.

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