Monday, January 7, 2013

Bald And Beautiful At The Miss Universe Beauty Pagent 2012

While I'm on the topic of women with shaved heads, I received a post on my Facebook wall from a friend in Trinidad and Tobago regarding the recent 2012 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant. He commented on the amount of beautiful women (including our very own Miss Trinidad and Tobago) who wore way too much hair for the show, and how in the end, it was a disadvantage for them. He quickly followed with another comment (which he knew I would enjoy) about two brave women who competed at the pageant with shaved heads, showcasing their natural beauty.

Miss St. Lucia Tara Edward
and Miss Tanzania Winfrida Dominic
walked proud with shaved heads. The fact that these two women felt comfortable enough to represent their country without masking their beauty behind someone else's hair was simply amazing. Not many women are secure enough to achieve that feat.

Let's think about this for a minute... So many women are afraid to be themselves without the addition of fake hair. I get it to a point, we all have our insecurities. However this "hair masking" situation is out of control. :(

Don't get me wrong. I love me some fake hair for a photo hairstylists we are nothing without some extra hair at that point. It allows us to be creative and change someone's look drastically. And I will also do extensions if a client has a special occassion. But, I will never use fake hair if it will intentionally make someone look bad, dated or tacky. The idea is to enhance someone's beauty, not cover it up.

Ladies, I support you as individuals, because individuality is true beauty. Don't get caught up in the hair hype. Be true to yourselves and let your real beauty shine through. It's important to remember that most celebrities that go from short to long, like our beautiful Rihanna, wear wigs. So when you see her with short hair, it's because she needs to give her hair and scalp a break.

Ladies at home let's show young girls that a pack of fake hair will not make them a woman...but that individuality, charm and those natural god-given gifts can go a long way.



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