Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rupaul Drag Race Season 5 Episode 1

Welcome to season 5 baby where the show kicked off to a Ru-licious start!

It was obvious from the costumes and makeup that some of the contestants were new to the biz. You can always tell by the way their wigs looked unnatural at the hairline, where as the pros had their lace front wigs well-blended.
Ru, of course, walked into the dressing area and the drama began and as per usual. The girls were given a challenge to strike a pose underwater, in full drag, make-up and all. It was like the Little Mermaid on Crack. I liked the challenge; this show is definitely getting more and more money for sets and props. You go Ru!!!

The winner of the underwater challenge was Detox, a girl after my own heart (not the face though…)
Then it was on to the second challenge where viewers got to see the creativity and sewing skills of the contestants. The girls were asked to use leftover fabric, beads and plastic to make an evening gown... #hashtag- drags to riches!!  From Beverly Hills trash to tinsel town class, baby.

I gagged as I saw the beautiful creations that hit the runway. It was major! The hair, make up and dresses were worth every penny, literally.

Roxy Andrews was easily the winner of this week's challenge as she boasted major sewing skills with her sexy, intricate dress.
My second favorite was Alaska. Honey, I have never seen Saran Wrap look so drag-ah-licious.
As they moved into the elimination round to separate the boys from the girls, RuPaul sent her favorites off stage, while the last two girls had to lip sync for their life!! The little fire ball, Serena-chacha survived and was told to "shante you stay" after the lip sync challenge.
Honey, she performed as if she was going to win a trip to the moon!!  But Penny-tration had to sashay away all the way back to Kansas…
Stay tuned for more from RuPaul's Drag Race and more running commentary.


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