Wednesday, January 23, 2013

This Is Where The Latest Hair Trend "The Chop" Was Born.

I'm so excited to again share with you an article that I wrote and posted back in September. It's about the latest hair trend for 2013 which is now getting mainstream press in top newspapers and magazines like the New York Times and Vogue.

It warms my heart that Comesse could be ahead of the game. :)

The Chop, (as it's now called) that's being worn on model Karlie Kloss, is a wonderful cut that's a fresh change from the over-used, long, wavy tresses that adorn every reality starlet these days. Several top models, such as  Karen Elson (thanks to Joe Martino) have already freed themselves of their long hair, allowing this shorter cut to beautifully frame their faces. The only thing with this cut is, it cannot be replicated. It's fitted to each person's hair type and personal sense of style. In other words it's a haircut with individuality!!

This cut was inspired by Orlando Pita during the Spring/Summer fashion week in New York City. We have been making the change to clients in the salon since September and the clients are loving it!

If you missed my September post, here it is in its entirety with tips on what to ask for...

"Another trend to look out for is a haircut. This is a haircut that looks good on people of all ages. It's a more chic undercut that still carries a strong edginess to it. The front length is at the collarbone and slightly shorter in the back but without the noticeable A-line look. This cut works well with some texture, such as light waves or natural curls. (No curling irons please.)

Looking at Fashion Week Spring/Fall runway hair styles, it's obvious
that this is what you should be heading towards.

And if you're the more daring woman - take it shorter. You will love yourself for it! Recently supermodel Karen Elson came into the salon for a cut with my mentor/co-worker Joe Martino. After a brief conversation, Joey decided to cut her hair shorter.

But it's not just a short bob... it's a cut that stops at the chin or jawline. Think the roaring 20's.

The catch is the edge where it has was more of a f**ked up feel. It's the only way I can describe it. 

As a hairstylist it's sometimes hard to describe a look. I can't name a technique, or name a tool, (it's not the thinning shears or razor with the guard). 

It's really a feeling, experience and sense of style.

When you think of it, it's perfect as we hit fall and winter with
coats, scarves and hats becoming part of our daily routine.

Here is Orlando Pita describing a version of this look for Carolina Herrera 2013 Spring/Summer at fashion week.
So if you are all about the trends... here it is hot off the press...or runway!"


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