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Hi Antonio! You have a great blog. I found your site when I did a Google for “red hair care tips”. I saw that you mentioned Sebastian Cellophanes and would like some information on how I could purchase this product myself. I am a natural redhead that is unfortunately fading to a dull auburn with age.

I always end up disappointed with the results of professional color and the resulting roots. I would love to just try and revive my natural, formerly lovely color with these sheer color shine treatments. I feel Cellophanes will be the way to go for me.

I think if I was able to get my hands on some Cellophanes product, I might be able to bring it in to a local hairdresser and have her apply it. I hate living in Panama City Beach (Redneck Riviera) as we have very few truly talented stylists like you.

I was wondering your opinion on what I should choose as far as tone. I am trying to avoid coloring my hair for as long as possible to get some more health back into my hair.


Thanks so much for writing. You sound like a great candidate for Sebastian Cellophanes. The only challenge is that it’s normally only sold to professionals (as far as I know). Also, it’s heat activated so you’ll need a hooded hair dryer in order to apply a constant flow of heat to your hair for 20 minutes.

Do you have one?

When choosing a color be aware that all reds have different tones. Some are copper/orange reds and others are violet or blue/reds. I’ve added two photographs to illustrate the difference between two of my redheaded clients.

The long hair is a copper/red

And the bob cut is more of a blue/red

(at least when I did them they were; I hope the computer image is accurate). Okay, here is a formula from Cellophanes that may help. Keep in mind that I cannot actually see your color so I’m working from the images you sent.

The great thing about this color is that if it’s a little off, it fades with no residue and you are back where you started from. However, I know this will brighten things up for sure!!! You’ll need to get three different colors from Sebastian Cellophanes – red/red, gold/red and clear.

Tell the stylist to shampoo, towel dry well and apply the color as close to your scalp as possible. Child…it stains so they need to wear gloves and not get it on your skin. After applying the color, wrap it with a plastic wrap and sit underneath a hot dryer for 20 minutes. Then, take off the plastic and allow to cool for five minutes. Rinse well!

Let’s start off with a safe formula – ¾ oz. Clear, ¼ oz. gold/red and a squirt of red/red.

Again, this is a safe formula as the clear will help dilute the reds. If it’s not red enough when it dries, let me know. In any case, your hair will be very shiny. And remember that the more you shampoo, the faster it will fade.

Let me know how it works.


Hi Antonio. You helped me out last month with my Cellophanes question. I just wanted to share my awesome results with you. I decided that I could handle doing the treatment on my own. I purchased a thermal spa cap (works GREAT and very convenient), a mixing bowl and some brushes and went for it.

I used ¾ oz. gold/red, ¼ oz. red/red and clear mix. The color turned out beautiful! What I loved was that it actually gave a great amount of coverage over the older color I was unhappy with. You can barely see a line of demarcation from the old color and my untreated healthy roots.

I have a couple white hairs that grow in and the color even blended those away.

The thing that I am most impressed with though is the silkiness, health and shine of my hair. I was able to get my hair to look like that with just a warm blow dry and a regular rounded rubber tip brush. I didn’t even have to use a round brush or flat iron. In Florida, that is an accomplishment.


Thank you and I am so happy I could help. I wish you beautiful shiny hair!

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