Thursday, October 22, 2009


Relax, Men.

When we think of hair relaxers, we usually think of a process for the entire head. But, guys, relaxers could be your strategic weapon in those smaller battles, too, like the stubborn side burn, the misbehaving cowlick or coarse necklines. This is a process I do with so many of my male clients to perfect a hair cut that's being disturbed by areas that are unruly. For example, my hair is overall wavy, with a tighter curl on the sides. To have the texture even throughout my hair, I have a gentle relaxer applied to the sides for a few minutes. It really works!! Even men with strong cowlicks in the front hairline can use relaxers to soften that spot, so they don't have to be constantly fighting to get the hair to sit right. And for men with coarse hair at the neck line, relaxers are also a blessing. Remember, there are different strengths of hair relaxers and the way they are applied and how long they are left on will depend on how straight you want your hair. It does not matter what ethnicity you are. If you have an unruly curl, you are a perfect candidate.

One of my favorite relaxers is Affirm and its a relaxer we love to use at Orlo salon.

It's gentle and easy to work with. What's also great is the relaxing process takes four steps, and each step helps to leave the hair in good condition, feeling like your natural hair only better.

And guys, life is like normal after your relaxer; you don't have to make any major changes in your hair routines. And this process can be subtle. In other words, no one will know you had your hair relaxed. So relax; just because you use a relaxer doesn't mean your hair has to be pin straight.

I wish you good looking hair with an added bonus.

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