Monday, October 26, 2009


As we already know, there are many different types of blonds. We can look in any magazine and find photographs of every shade and the best person to achieve them. You can also find verbiage on techniques to best describe how thick or thin you want the application of your highlights to be (i.e. spaghetti, fettuccine). This is very helpful because it equips you with more accurate language when requesting a different size of highlights during foiling or Baliaging (hair painting).

When women are deciding on hair color, they generally have three concerns. I call these the basic 1-2-3.

1. The size of the pieces of hair that will be colored when foiling or painting highlights,

2. The overall tone – Beige, Light Golden, Wheat, etc.,

3. How light or dark a blond they want to be.

Now that we have those questions out of the way, what next?

I feel that there is one important factor missing from this list – the mood of the blond. This is actually the most important thing I can think of when creating the perfect blond. When I say “mood” what I mean is how does your blond hair correspond to your personality, career, vibe, etc.? Are you a powerful businesswoman in your late 30's who wants their hair to be serious, yet modern? Or are you that same woman in your 50's who wants to be a very sophisticated blond? Do you get my drift? Of course the cut makes a big difference too, but let’s focus darlings – this is all about color!

So now to move forward we really need to take a look at ourselves and decide which one of the following best describes us.

1. The Sophisticated Blond

Think Uptown blond. She loves the idea of very little root line no matter how dark her natural color is. This blond is not the noticeably bright California Blond – although she’s still a full blond, there are some subtle low lights to blend her tones. Glosses are a big part of this dames hair color. The Sophisticated Blond may also sport a more classic haircut to pull her mood together. This is not for the NY club-goer.

2. The Flawless California Blond

Darrrrrrling! You see her when she walks in the room and she wears that color like she was born with it. The root line does not exist because she was patient and sat there while she was foiled to thy kingdom come! This blond loves the golden tones (most of the time) and long hair. You won’t notice many low lights on this doll and a beautiful, light golden blond gloss is a must.

3. The Organic Blond

She is so not the first two blonds. This lady wants to see depth in the root and wants to see contrast in a very natural way. Even though she may be a candidate for Baliage, the application must not be chunky or too fine. We need to be very careful not to glaze the roots too much because the root line is part of the appeal. This is not your Grandmother’s blond!

4. The "damn, who colored your hair" Blond

This girl does not care if you know it’s not her natural color. What’s more important to her is that the color and the cut make a statement and command heads to turn (in a good way). This is your creative blond who may have pale blond pieces in front with intense depth for contrast. She is happy to experiment with what’s on the runways without fear of judgment from friends.

Please don't confuse this with the Beauty School Blond. That's a whole other story.

So the next time you get your hair colored, talk a bit about the mood you want to create that compliments you rather than the basic 1-2-3. I guarantee you will notice a big difference in your hair color and the way you relate to it.

I wish you beautiful blond baby!!!

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Aprilee said...

You're a genius! Any chance you can post pics for those of us who are imaginationally impaired?
Tnx. ox

antonio gonzales said...

Thank you! I know I am working on a photo shoot for it now. I only use my own images which makes difficult. But I like difficult :)

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