Friday, October 30, 2009


Fashion Faux Pas

I recently posted some men’s fashion tips on my Facebook page. To my surprise, the response I received from the ladies was overwhelming so I thought I’d share these with everyone. Even in New York City, the fashion capital of the world, there are men (not only straight) that need to lay some fashion ideas to rest.

And by “rest” I mean to sleep. Stop, please!

It’s important to know that we are all guilty to some degree of putting together an ensemble that was supposed to make us feel better, but instead upset our loved ones. So without further adieu…

1. Boot Cut Jeans

About seven years ago, every queen in Chelsea was sporting these jeans in all colors and sizes. Some were even adventurous enough to add a little sparkle to them. Nowadays, years later, I’ll see some fine ladies strut their stuff along the avenue with their men next to them in a long-sleeved shirt with a pattern of some sort and…Boot Cut Jeans!

Guys, my advice to you – put them to rest. Not only are they dated, but even when worn appropriately (which should be not at all) are not flattering to most men. Although there is a time and place to wear them, it seems that there are few men who know how to pull this off without looking like J. R. Ewing (from the television show Dallas) on crack.

2. Dorothy Hamill Haircut

I know, I know…some men still think they can carry this look. And in their defense, they can…only if they’re about to do a double axel and a triple lutz on ice!

3. Cell phones on your waist

Convenience is one thing, but this is pushing it. Who are these men waiting to hear from? God?

4. Hawaiian Shirts at the Office in Winter

I’ve seen them…lurking on our streets…trying to spread their hibiscus pollen and take over the world. Beware!

5. Men’s HOT Pants

Better known as “batty riders” in Trinidad and Tobago. No camel’s feet, please!

6. Marine Flat Tops

Boys, hear me out for a minute. Not only are you not a Marine, but you likely work in a Flower Shop as an orchid specialist. You are not kidding anyone by impersonating Jean-Claude Van Damme. Come to think of it, who is he kidding?

7. Bad Gym Attire

Balloon pants, T-back tank tops and high top sneakers…all at the same time! Not cute at any age.

I wish you a day without someone’s fashion mishap(s). J


Benjamin said...

Truer words were never spoken!

Pal Zileri Suits said...

LOL! Love these fashion tips. I really get annoyed with guys who have cellphones on their belts.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you dislike boot cut jeans it fills my cold black heart with joy

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