Friday, October 16, 2009


Recently, a new client and I were discussing her hair and the options available to her for a new style. She was unsure about what she wanted, but did not hesitate to tell me what her friends thought. One comment in particular that I found noteworthy was that as a mature woman her hair should be shorter. Instantly, I knew I had to write about this. I’ve heard it so many times and frankly, I think it is incorrect.

Does that mean that once you pass the age of 50 you should cut your hair short?

Does that mean that only younger women can have long hair?

It’s almost as though women hit 50 and a siren sounds alerting us to scalp them all. BAD IDEA!

Remember, the decision to have long or short hair should be inspired by the shape of your face and hair coloration (for the very grey ladies). Your style and occupation can also serve as factors when making such a decision. As we mature, we cannot help avoiding the changes in our skin. If the hair is too long and heavy, it can create heaviness in a woman’s features. Naturally, this depends on the woman.

So the lesson is – no matter the length, the idea is to create lift, lift and more lift!

This is how we tear the short hair myth apart. A great haircut – no matter the length – can make all the difference in the world. It will give a woman the softness and sexiness she still feels and deserves in her best years. Long hair can be softened with angles and layers in all the right places to enhance one’s natural beauty. And short hair can enhance texture and works best with the face and head shape.


1. The change in texture because of graying hair.

Because of this, attention must be paid to the technique used in achieving the right look.

2. Thinning of the hair line.

Most men and women experience this. The right approach with layering, product use and styling can help both long and short hair.

3. The change in a woman’s facial features.

As a woman matures, the focus on her features almost dictates her cut creating lift, softness or strength where necessary.

4. Tools that should be used.

For women who have never had a razor used on their hair, this may be the time. The coarseness of grey hair can be blended well if a razor is used correctly.

Ladies, I’m with you on embracing beauty all around. My clients know that I’m not shy to say whether or not a cut is age-appropriate, be it too young or way too mature.

I wish you all the best in your Golden Years!

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