Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Do You Want Healthy, Shiny Hair?

The dependency on permanent hair color is like our national dependence on oil. It’s got to change! ;)

I'm determined to be one of those hair stylists who posts as many articles as I can on cellophane hair products. It's an unsung hero, as it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.  Cellophane is a semi-permanent hair glaze that adds shine and color tones to hair. It contains no ammonia or peroxide and is applied on clean, towel-dried hair. It adheres to the hair with the addition of heat. FYI…without heat, it will not hold.

Here are some FAQs on cellophanes…

What is a cellophane (i.e. color shines)?
This is a vegetable-based color dye, created by the famed salon, Sebastian over 17 years ago.

What is the purpose getting it done?
It gives great shine while adding a semi-permanent color that lasts up to 8-12 shampoos.

Does it contain ammonia or peroxide?
No it does not. It's a vegetable-based color that holds to the hair with the application of 20 minutes of heat.

Can it lift your natural hair color to make it lighter?
Because there's no ammonia or peroxide, it cannot lift your natural hair color.

Does it cover gray?
No. Because lacks ammonia or peroxide, it cannot cover gray. However, if you only have a few grays hairs and your hair texture is not too thick or coarse, some of the darker colors may stain them.

Is it good on highlighted hair?
It's great for highlighted hair! If you are a beige-blond and you're looking for a little pop of golden tone and shine, this is perfect for you. Also if you're a beige-blond and need to get rid of unwanted golden tones, the Pearl color with Clear is a great combination.

Does it protect or hurt hair?
It provides protection from sun, salt, chlorine, and product build-up.

Is it good for brunettes?
Amazing for brunettes!! The colors are rich and the sun picks up on the tones beautifully!

Can it be done on top of permanent color?
Yes. There are many shades of cellophanes that can be applied on top of your permanent hair color to help prevent fading. Finding the right tone to compliment your hair color is important. If you're a cool brunette and hate warmth, don’t choose a warm cellophane color.

Any additional questions or comments, please feel free to write me!

Antonio Gonzales


Lucia Gish said...

A year ago a beautician in LA used cellophane on my gray hair. I loved it. She used 2 colors and gave me the numbers. I can't find anyone in Miami who can replicate. What's your opinion on using 2 colors?

Lucia Gish said...

I tried doing it at home but didn't do a good job (of course). Mostly the lighter color (on top) came out too blonde. Should I mix the colors? My profile photo shows how it looked a year ago.?

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