Thursday, June 21, 2012

Seeing For Someone Else.

 Anyone who can read this post will appreciate this. Today I'm writing in the hopes of inspiring you to share some love with the blind.

I was walking down 23rd Street recently which is a street I often walk down. It was a beautiful day and I was looking up and appreciating the sky. This time was very different though. I had also noticed visually-impaired people walking down the street. A lot of them…all with canes and I thought to my self, I wonder if they need my help? It made me realize how often I take my sight for granted.

I opened the doors and was shown to the office where I would get my questions answered. I was pleasantly surprised that there was a blind man at the desk, answering the phone, filing papers etc. Then I realized he was a blind volunteer there to help his visually-impaired brothers and sisters. He gave me an application form and a pen and before you know it I had submitted an application to volunteer. It was that easy!

Visions are happy to have more volunteers to read emails, take people shopping and other duties that we take for granted. You can also donate money to help.

VISIONS meets all of the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Standards and is an accredited charity and member of the BBB seal program for Charity Accountability.

VISIONS is a seal-holding member of the GuideStar Exchange. 
86 cents of every dollar is spent on programs with only 14 cents spent on administration and fundraising. 

I hope this information will touch a place in your heart like it did mine…


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