Sunday, June 24, 2012

Great Pedicure In Chelsea NYC

One of the things I was super excited to do when I moved back to New York was to get a real pedicure. I hate it when I book a pedicure at these fancy places and they just fuss around…which makes my toes get angry!

Attention New Yorkers. If you’re looking for an affordable but still amazing pedicure, treat your feet to some summer-loving and book an appointment with Michael at Bloomie Nails (219 8th Avenue - 212-366-6119)

I have been going to Michael for my pedicures and absolutely love, love him!! He's friendly, clean and efficient. Generally there’s a line for him, but you can avoid that by booking an appointment in advance.

I normally get a spa pedicure because after standing all day my feet (hoofs) need a lot of help!

Michael starts with soaking my feet in his special concoction of bath salts.

Then he does a thorough job on my cuticles followed by a scrub. After rinsing, a callus eliminator is applied and my feet are wrapped in plastic. At this point I can see my feet coming back to life. While my feet are wrapped, a clay mask is applied to my calves and ankles.

Ooh child…the plastic is then removed and another scrub is applied, more scrubbing happens!! Whatever he uses… it’s nice and minty!!

 ........Sorry I snoozed off for a second, he's still scrubbing.

 After a second rinsing, Michael works his magic and massages my feet until they look and feel like a newborn baby. Michael finishes by cleaning up my cuticles followed with a relaxing hot towel. I walk out feeling younger, lighter and smiling! :)

 When you go tell him Antonio sent you!


Shantay Alicia said...

Thank you so much for this post! I literally just had a moment of frustration because I need a Great Pedicurist (yes I made that word up). I work in Chelsea and believe I have walked by this place several times. I can only pray that Michael is still there.

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