Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yesterdays Inoa Experience.

Since its relaunch, the reviews have markedly improved! INOA Ammonia-Free Hair Color by L’Oréal is slowly winning our hearts. In the past, people complained about the smell, the stinging and the burning sensation it caused.

Today I used INOA on a client with coarse salt and pepper roots. It was her first visit. The rest of her hair was pretty dark… think of level 1N, black.

After an initial consultation, we agreed that we would like to eventually (in the next 6 months) make her hair a little lighter. Todays focus though was on perfect coverage on the roots and avoid darkening the ends. My aim is to make her roots one shade lighter to start the gradual process of going lighter.

With INOA I always go a level lighter than the actual color I want, because it tends to cover darker. I choose to use a level 4N using volume 20, which I normally would not use, fearing it may be too light. I want to achieve 3N

(this photo of a 4N swatch looks lighter than the actual swatch)

After 35 minutes, I shampooed and towel-dried her hair. I then mixed a gloss using L’Oréal Dia color. I Clear and a squirt of Iced Milk Shake at 10 volume. I avoided the roots and applied the gloss to the rest of the hair.

As mentioned her ends were dark but as we professionals know, using the right gloss with the right volume of peroxide, we can sometimes achieve a lift in dark ends. Even if it's by a half shade…

I left the gloss on for 10 minutes before washing her hair. Remember that we were not trying to achieve lighter ends today, only bumping the opaque color on her ends.

As I started drying it was obvious that the coverage was accomplished. 


Here's what the client had to say...

“Antonio! After I walked out of the salon, a man yelled down the street at me, ‘I want to marry you!’ I’ve never had hair that made random men profess their undying love for me! No smell or stinging, can’t wait til our next appointment.”

I'll keep you posted as I continue testing INOA to see if it stands the test of time. Remember I'm not being paid to write this. ;)


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