Friday, June 29, 2012

Henna Hair Color And Its Challanges.

Why is henna hair color so popular even though it’s a hair stylist’s biggest nightmare? Besides being cheap and easy to find, I find that many women think it’s a great alternative to chemical-based products. Henna is a vegetable-based hair color, which is used around the world by many different cultures. I recall my grandmother swearing by the powers of the all mighty henna. But remember, not everything natural is always good for you.

Here are some challenges to expect if you have henna-treated hair.

Inconsistent color results
The first time you use henna may produce great results.  But this hair color can be incredibly inconsistent. Over time, each application never resembles the first. Henna may have the capability to blend gray hair, but it becomes an overpowering stain on the hair.  It’s almost impossible to remove henna from hair without some serious product, time and slight damage to the hair. When a client walks in with years of henna product on their hair, we approach this as a "color correction."

Going lighter on henna-treated hair
If I have a new client that wants to go lighter and they have used henna on their hair…before even starting, I have to strip the henna using a strong color remover. After it’s removed I have to re-formulate the hair color by taking the root color and the faded henna on the ends into consideration. Even then, there is no way to know exactly how the new dye will react to the pre-lightened henna hair.

Going darker on henna-treated hair
If a client comes in and wants to go darker after having henna-treated hair, there is still no guarantee. I have to undergo the same process as above.

Red tones
Another major problem with henna are the ever present red tones. No matter what color you use, you will end up with reddish-brown tones
(which are never the intended result.) And when it fades you will look like someone slapped your head with a ketchup bottle!!

If you have used henna for a long time and want a drastic change, I recommend bringing loads of cash. It’s going to cost you.

Amazing how something so natural is such a pain in the ….?


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