Thursday, June 14, 2012


Dry hair has become an annoying part of everyday life for most of us. Maybe it's because of one too many hair color treatments, Keratin treatments or (in my case) too much salt and sun.
 So how can we add hydration back into our hair?
Today I decided to test a treatment on my own hair using a new product from Kerastase called Chronologiste. With its sexy black packaging, this treatment comes as a set. The Caviar beads conveniently come in a pump which is then mixed with a rich, soothing conditioning cream.
 This quality treatment is designed to hydrate hair, bringing it back to life.

Like any hair product, it's not for everyone. I have a lot of hair but its fine. It's also curly and lacks moisture, but luckily it's not too frizzy. So although my hair is fine, I like it to feel glossy and hydrated, in other words I am not afraid of conditioner. I love this product because it leaves my hair feeling great, looking fabulous and the shine is intense.
Keep in mind I only do this treatment every 2 weeks (or a little less). In between I generally condition my hair with Lait Nutrisculpt by Kerastase. For you gents and ladies with thick, frizzy dry hair, this is the product for you. It will help your hair regain its luster and shine.
And with the dog days of summer ahead of us....who doesn't want to have healthy, frizz-free hair these days?

Love your hair baby!


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