Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Unisex Products I'm Loving from Spain.

Are you also obsessed with the latest serums, sexy scents, luxury candles and exquisite room sprays? Then check out The Lab Room. 

It’s a natural product line that both men and women can enjoy. Monica Ceño is a friend of ours who owns two spas in Spain. She has just created a deluxe line of skin care and bath salts, all beautifully packaged and recently featured in leading fashion magazines.

 Here are a list of my favorites that I know you'll enjoy. The first is the Tea Tree Roll On (árbol de té) which is a miracle oil. I use it on blemishes and as an after shave, as it heals the skin fast. Then I love the Facial Radiance Serum. Now that I'm at the ripe age of 40, I need a little extra love for my skin and this serum is my daily dose of "self love". It contains vitamin E, lavender essential oils and wheat germ just to name a few.

The Deluxe Body Cream smells delicious with scents of magnolia and lime and can be used from the head down. Oh and the candles, they are a-ma-zing!! Choose from scents like French Rose, Oriental Ginger, Sunset Flowers, Wild Figuer and more.

Overall I love the products and highly recommend you to try them, as the scents are relaxing and divine. And they can be found at Orlo salon.

 Great job Monica and see you soon!!


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