Friday, June 15, 2012

Straight frizzy hair.

When we talk about frizzy hair it seems like curly hair folks get all the attention. Well I am here to speak up for all my friends with straight hair who have been cursed with the "F word"...Frizz.

Yes folks, it seems like curly hair has a friend (or foe) in straight hair.

If you're that straight-haired person I'm referring to, here are some solutions to help you have a summer filled with beautiful-hair days! For shampoos, I recommend using Phytolisse Shampoo by Phyto haircare. It contains botanicals that will hydrate and smooth hair without leaving it limp. And if you blow dry your hair, this shampoo provides heat protection as an added bonus.
For a daily conditioner, I recommend Moisture Repair Conditioner by Morocconoil. It's light-weight, fights frizz without being too oily and smells heavenly.  Now when you use these two products with hydrating benefits, be careful to not over-use it so your scalp gets too oily.
When styling, either air-dry or blow dry, I highly recommend Boost by Orlando Pita!! Buy it fast because it's been discontinued so you better stock up. Although it has revolutionary heat-seeking nanotechnology, I love using it to air-dry hair as well. It's one of those situations when as a hairstylist I change the rules a little. It also tames fly-aways, fights frizz and mends split ends. Gotta love that! You want to have frizz-free hair that has movement and shines, not hair that sticks to your head leaving you looking like you were swimming in lard...
 When blow drying hair, stay away from aggravating the cuticle with round brushes. I use the Mason Pearson hair brush. I've always said it's a brush that makes love to the hair. Round brushes are great but in this case if you want to keep it simple and straight, the Mason Pearson is your best friend...(and she ain't cheap!)

I hope these products bring you some relief from summer frizzing... as straight hair folks need some loving too!


Karo said...

thank you for the info, I also use a good product that helps me to keep my hair frizz less, it's Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil which makes my hair stronger and keeps it soft, shiny and healthy. :D

Viviask said...

Great post! One great product, in my experience, for keeping hair frizz free is argan oil. I have Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan Oil and it deeply conditions and hydrates my hair, plus it leaves it smooth and shiny. Recommend it!

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